When it comes to mountain biking, there is a lot of information that can be overwhelming for beginners. In addition, there are many different types of bikes and the choice of bike will depend on what type of terrain you want to ride. Here we will review and recommend some of the best mountain bikes a beginner can purchase. Also, read our buying guide to make an informed purchase decision.

Review of the Best Mountain Bikes Beginners Can Purchase Soon

Giant Talon 2


  • Hardtail CX Bike MTB Type
  • 100mm travel fork
  • Frame size available in S,M, L, XL
  • Aluminium frame material

Just as Toyota rates among top automobile companies in the vehicle industry, Giant is among the top three brands in the biking niche. One of the reasons you should choose a prominent brand when sorting for a bike is that you will get a product with quality components.

With several years of experience producing alloy bikes, the Giant Talon line can provide a bike for everyone, irrespective of your pocket size. As a result, you can select the Giant Talon 2 as your choice today if you need a pocket-friendly bike to purchase before the year-end.

Features like lightweight frame and suspension fork are in the hardtail with more than 80mm of travel. About the wheels, depending on what the user prefers, Giant Talon comes with 27.5-inch or 29-inch wheels.

Customer review shows that people love the item because it offers stability, control, excellent traction, comfort, and versatility without emptying your bank account. In addition, Talon bikes come with Altus Deore 3×8 to 1×12 drivetrain, so depending on your financial capability, you can select the one that suits your interest.

In addition, the presence of Shimano or Tektro disc brakes makes it a singletrack luxurious bike that anyone can use for racing. Note that the disc brakes are hydraulic. Those who love adventure or take them around town with no struggle consider acquiring the Giant Talon 2.

Compared to other brands, it is an excellent climber and helps the rider navigate during descents. Talon 2 is better than most entry-level bikes. As a beginner, starting with this bike brand is an excellent idea as it will make you fall in love with mountain biking.

Vitus Escarpe 29 CR


  • 29 wheel size
  • Full suspension MTB type
  • Carbon/aluminum frame material
  • Various frame sizes
  • 150mm travel fork
  • 140mm travel shock

Vitus Escarpe 29 CR is second among top bike brands because its specs include; 29 wheel size, full suspension MTB Type, carbon/aluminum frame material, various frame sizes, 150mm travel fork, and 140mm travel shock.

It is also a superstar bike that has numerous features. However, many people complain about Enduro bikes not being cheap, so Vitus decided to build a similar cycle but at a lower price.

Furthermore, the product comes with an alloy rear, and carbon front triangle as the front and rear suspension can be Marzocchi or RockShox depending on your pocket-size but with 140mm front travel and 150mm rear.

For enduro performance, the bike has a specific geometry trail and 1×11 Shimano drivetrain, and the 29 wheel makes the cycle run faster over obstacles. The truth remains that Vitus is an excellent climber and better at descends, as you only need to add a few bucks to get the RockShow option. Professional bikers and beginners that feel enduro and the rocky trail is not an issue; this bike is for you.

Trek Marlin 4


  • Frame sizes are S, M, L, XL
  • 100mm travel fork
  • Hardtail XC bike MTB Type
  • Aluminum frame material
  • Wheel size 29

Although Trek produces one of the most expensive bikes in the market, you can undermine the quality of their brand. The fact is, if you want a strong alloy frame in your product, then choose Trek Marlin 4.

The alloy frame with Trek Marlin is one of the strongest in the market. Of course, the bike component determines the level of the bike, but with Trek and Bontrager, you are getting top-quality parts. Manufacturers of this product’s primary concern are satisfying their clients, offering Trek Marlin 4 at a giveaway price. The package price they are offering for a 29er is not something you might find in other places. It is among the best discounts in cycling history.

However, the bike has entry-level parts and components but don’t worry; you will find it appalling. In Marlin 4, instead of having hydraulic discs, they contain mechanical disc brakes. However, disc brakes are far superior to rim brakes but not up to the standard of hydraulic discs.

Furthermore, Trek Marlin 4 also features an Altus drivetrain, SR Suntour, coil spring, and 100mm travel fork. The bike has no lockout. In other words, it is perfect for beginners and less needy cyclists. If you want a view of the town, ride soft terrain, commute, etc., you should buy this bike.

Vitus Mythique VR


  • 130/140 travel shock
  • Different frame sizes
  • Aluminum frame material
  • 130/140mm travel fork
  • 5/29 wheel size
  • An absolute suspension trail bike

In the market, there is no product with a full-suspension bike other than Vitus Mythique VR. As a beginner, you can rock the excellent features anytime. The only challenge is adapting to the suspension challenges. However, most mountain bikers prefer the full Susser, and it’s okay if you want a similar experience.

It is the perfect bike to gauge and improve your riding skill. Another benefit of Vitus Mythique is anyone can acquire it with 27.5 or 29 wheels & Schwalbe tires depending on the user’s tastes and needs.

Most individuals who want to be athletes or grow their trail and XC  riding skills start with this bike. Similarly, the Vitus contains shock and X-Fusion as cyclers might wish to upgrade to FOX or RockShox suspension systems.

The presence of 1×11 Shimano Deore Drivetrain is another feature why Mythique is common among long-distance bikers. In addition, the hydraulic disc brakes are one of the best stopping power for any bike. Do you want a bike for climbing and descending seamlessly? You don’t need to look too far; the Mythique is a suit that can navigate rough trails with zero damage.

Liv Tempt 1


  • Hardtail XC bike MTB type
  • 10mm travel fork
  • Different frame sizes
  • Aluminium frame material
  • 5 wheel size

Liv Tempt 1 specs include; hardtail XC bike MTB type, 100mm travel fork, different frame size, aluminum frame material, and 27.5 wheel size. As a lady that loves to ride bikes, you need to try this bike to look sexier.

Ask ladies that have experience with Liv Tempt 1, and you will marvel at the excellent remarks from first-hand customers. The manufacturer Liv is a subsidiary of Giant Bikes International as they are a trusted brand known for manufacturing lady bike-specific models and designs.

The 27.5 wheels make it an excellent choice for ladies that love cycling. Aside from being affordable at an affordable price, it is a female-specific model with top components, making it a perfect choice.

Liv Tempt 1 has 1×11 SRAM SX, 100mm of travel air shock SR Suntour, and an Eagle drivetrain, making it easy for bikers to ride on high mountains with no difficulty. In addition, you can find features like superb hydraulic disc brakes that serve as instant brakes.

In summary, MTB is the perfect choice for women that love cross-country riding and want to improve their trail riding skills.  It is also suitable for mountain, adventure, or around-town riding. So, if you have a lady you care about and think of the perfect gift for her, consider buying a Liv Tempt 1.

Co-op cycles DRT 1.2


  • Hardtail XC bike MTB type
  • 120mm fork
  • 5/29 wheel size
  • Aluminum frame material
  • Numerous frame sizes

If you think this brand is new, you are probably a novice in the bike market. However, the bike is a Chinese product that has been in the market for several years. Interestingly, manufacturers of this bike don’t only produce; they also market their brand. Currently, DTR 1.2 ranks among fantastic hardtail mountain bikes for beginners. A single experience is enough to convince you to choose this item as your choice.

Although you might notice the curved top tube that signifies it is a woman’s model, some men still find it fascinating, so don’t miss out on the experience. Specific market targets for this bike are adult beginners into mountain biking. In addition, there is a powerful disc brake system that comes in handy and a Suntour Air fork that ensures a smoother trail ride.

Co-op DRT also features a tech crank system with a 3×9 Shimano drivetrain. So if you are not sure of your cross country, jump, trail, or downhill and would like to acquire an affordable bike, let this bike be your choice.

Riders prefer this bike to others because it enables them to quickly discover their strength and soft trail ride, thereby making you a great climber. Most tourists choose DRT 1.2 as their number one option.

Specialized Chisel Comp


  • MTB type hardtail XC bike
  • Frame sizes include XS, S, M, L.
  • Frame material is aluminum
  • 100mm travel fork
  • A wheel size of 29

Specialized has a large customer base because it provides high-quality bikes. Therefore, if you plan to acquire an S-Works bike, it’s best to start with the specialized MTB. Furthermore, specialized Chisel Comp is ideal for beginners that want to do cross-country biking. It contains excellent features with numerous mid-range components.

If you buy this bike today, you will enjoy every single moment. In addition, the presence of the earlier light alloy frame, as mentioned above, makes it one of the most lightweight bikes in the market.

If you are a biker that prefers a carbon fiber frame over a light alloy frame, then Chisel Comp is an appropriate bike you should choose. The brand kit contains different utilities as cyclers prefer it as a unique option. Some of the kit features include bars, wheels, seat, and stem.

The Chisel fork is 100mm RockShox as it also contains Shimano Deore components. Interestingly, it is a suitable bike for cross-country tracks or to hit average trails. Similarly, Specialized is effective for commuting or city riding. Currently, this bike is among the top versatile bikes in the market.

Cannondale Trail 5


  • Different frame sizes
  • Hardtail MTB type
  • 29 wheel size
  • 100mm travel fork

Cannondale is an excellent trailblazer for both MTBs and road bikes as its series is for avid riders that take part in mountain biking, and all they desire is a 29ers device with suitable front suspension.

Cannondale understands that not everyone rides bikes the same way, so they produced tailored bikes that have features their fans want so you can always have a lovely riding experience whenever you want.

Similarly, it has a 100mm travel fork which makes your ride enjoyable on dusty roads or through the woods as it has features like micro-suspension that helps to absorb vibration during the ride. Other specs include microSHIFT drivetrain and Shimano brakes.

If you love natural surrounding exploration or mountain biking without putting much pressure on yourself, consider this bike. Although it has a budget component with excellent features, it is a beautiful ride for commuting around the town.

Norco Fluid FS3


  • XC bike full MTB type suspension
  • Different frame sizes
  • 5 wheel size
  • 120mm travel shock
  • Aluminum frame material
  • 130mm travel fork

Are you in need of a playful bike as a newbie? Well, this make will positively change your mountain biking life. After sitting on the saddle, you get incredible excitement. In addition, the 27.5 wheels come great as the geometry is slacker than other designs. When you are on this bike, you are confident that you have complete control during a suspension, irrespective of the terrain. It is the perfect bike for weekends or day-offs.

Ragley Marley 1.0


  • Excellent fork performance
  • 5 wheel size
  • 130mm travel stock
  • Various sizes (S, M, L, XL)
  • Durable Shimano drivetrain

The Ragley Marley is an excellent example of how affordable bikes can be. It opens up tech and features for entry-level riders without needing to spend a lot. The combination of the progressive geometry and smooth Marzocchi fork gives riders confidence when riding on rough trails. This will allow them to try new line choices and improve their skills. Shimano Deore has been proven to be the best budget groupset, with reliable performance and an 11-speed cassette that can go anywhere.

Although, the Ragley’s 29er-sized wheels are not available. This reduces the bike’s ability to roll over roots and large rocks, but it improves maneuverability to feel more fun on jumps and trails.

Best Mountain Bike for Beginners Buying Guide

Which mountain bike will be suitable for me to purchase?

The classes of mountain bikes depend on their geometry, riding scenario, and suspension travel. On the spectrum side, there are cross-country bikes that have 0-100mm suspension travel, tire clearance, and come with dual suspension varieties, while at the other end are downhill bikes with features like ~200mm suspension that can rumble down the gnarliest or steepest terrain.

If you are planning on racing or exploring your area, you should go for the best trail bike available as they are available in hardtail and dualies and contain all the features cyclers desire. In addition, with 120-140mm travel capability, this bike category has stable handling as you will have a happy riding experience while helping you improve your skills.

What to know about suspension

Modern suspension can be incredibly smooth and provide a solid pedaling platform that doesn’t let you lose power while you climb.

Air suspension is a good choice for beginners. It allows you to adjust the sag to suit your weight. For beginners, we recommend hardtails rather than dual suspension. A hardtail is a simpler frame design and will offer better components for the same price as a full-suspension bike. In addition, a hardtail will help you develop strong fundamentals that you can build on as you improve your riding skills.

What should you spend on your first mountain bike?

Although we could give a range of prices and include many bikes within that price range, it doesn’t mean that you should. The final decision comes down to the amount you are willing to spend and the value that you attach to your mountain bike.

Although there aren’t many bad bikes out there, you do get what you pay. A $500 bike will be made with inferior parts and will eventually break down and require replacement. However, a 2016 Honda Civic is a great price for seasoned mountain bikers. They will be riding the bike for hundreds of hours, and the ride quality and comfort are well worth the investment.

However, the cost of a mountain bike is not the only expense. You will also need a helmet and multi-tool if you decide to buy a mountain bike, budget for the essentials.

Final Thoughts

This article has given you a ton of information on mountain bikes, but what if I told you that the best bike for beginners is not always the most expensive one? The right answer will depend on your budget, needs, and how much time or money is available to invest in riding. And finally, don’t forget about comfort! A well-padded saddle can make all the difference when it comes to long days spent riding.

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