Bicycle frames are typically measured by the size of their seat tube, which is the horizontal tube on your bike where you sit. If you’re not sure what that part looks like, then check out the photo below! The seat-tube length will be shown as a distance from top to bottom. The size of this measurement may vary depending on the brand and model of your bicycle, but for an average adult it’ll likely range from 70-120cm (27¾” – 47¼”).

Finding The Frame Size

To find the frame size on your bike you’ll need the following measurements. The best way to measure these is with a measuring tape. You can also get by with a piece of string or some string tied in knots on the end of your meter stick, depending on how much precision you’re comfortable with. Start at the bottom bracket and measure across the top tube, over both arm tubes, the seat post clamp area and then back to where you started.

The top tube (the front tube that sits under the handlebars) makes a “U” shape and that is where you measure across. Be aware that there is an area on the top tube about one-third of the way down from the top of the U to be aware of. If you end up at a number like 63 or 63 and 3/8ths inches, write down 63 and 3/8ths. The reason for this is that most bike manufacturers use fractions instead of decimals to indicate size, so if you write down something like 63.375 it will be easier to read. Some bike manufacturers will place the size number right onto the top tube.

Measuring The Bottom Bracket

The bottom bracket is the area where the cranks attach to your bicycle. It is located where you pedal attached to the frame at the center of the back wheel. Take your measuring tape and measure across. Take an accurate measurement, so if it seems to be off by a little bit, you’ll know whether it’s bigger or smaller than what you need.

Measuring The Head Tube Length

The head tube length is what makes this measurement essential in determining which bicycle frame size is perfect for you. It is the area of the frame where the upper tubes meet, and you’ll need to know this length in order to ensure that your bicycle fits correctly. To find this measurement, hold a measuring tape against the center of each tube and measure from one side to the other. Write the two numbers down separately and then add them together for your head tube length. If you live in a country where they use fractions, remember that it is easier to add or subtract when using fractions than when using decimals. For instance, if your head tube length is 65 and 3/4ths, you should write down 65.375.

Measuring The Seat Tube Length

To find the seat tube length you’ll need to measure from the center of the bottom bracket to the center of the upper tube where it connects with the seat post clamp. This measurement will tell you how far above or below you are in relation to your saddle. If your saddle is too high or too low, then you’re not achieving proper posture when riding your bike and this can cause pain in your back and neck over time.

Before investing in a new bicycle, you should always check the frame size frame of the bike that you’re thinking about buying. To check it, take a measuring tape and measure from one point on the seat tube to another. This is the distance between where you sit on your saddle.

If your saddle measures 34cm, for instance, then be sure that your bicycle’s seat tube length is between 31-34cm. This way you can ensure that you will be able to sit comfortably on your new bicycle without straining your neck or back while riding it.

Why does A Road Bike Frame matter?

When you have an idea about how big your bike frame is, you’re going to be able to better fit it to you. You can do this by taking into consideration that a bike that has a shorter wheelbase will give you a faster response time, while one with a longer wheelbase will make your bike much more stable and smoother. This means the overall size of the frame will affect how your bike handles.

Some bikes have a sloping top tube which allows the rider to stand over the bicycle easily. If you’re not comfortable doing this then it can be difficult for you to remain stable on your bike. Knowing all of this information ahead of time will help you to find the perfect bike size for your body and riding style. Having a bike that doesn’t fit well is the equivalent of wearing shoes that are too small. If you buy a bike that is too big then you will struggle to move around on it and control it properly.

You should always check out your bike frame size before buying a new bicycle or selling an old one. You can often find this information written on the bottom bracket or the seat tube. When buying a new bicycle consider making yourself aware of these measurements so you can ensure that you get the right size bike.


You need to keep in mind when sizing a bike that there are many factors to consider. Not all bikes come with a specific size when it comes to their frames and there are different types of bicycles. Each type of bicycle has its own measurements and you’ll probably need to look up the manufacturer’s website for this information. It’s also a good idea to take your bike along with you when looking for a new one in order to get a feel for it in person before purchasing.

Frames, stems, handlebars and other components can be adjusted after purchase using tools such as a multi-tool or hex wrench, but before you do this make sure that the frame has been properly fitted by the store where you purchased it. If you make changes to your bike then it could alter its fit or performance and cause you to be at higher risk of injury.

There are many different types of bicycle frames which can be made from different materials. Some frames come with a carbon fiber design, others have a titanium frame and some still may even have a steel frame. These frames all come in many different sizes, so it’s important to know what size you need before making any purchases. This will ensure that your bicycle is comfortable for you, fits your body properly and that you aren’t exerting too much energy when riding it.

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