If you own a bike, getting a child bike is the best way to introduce your kids to cycling. With a child bike seat, your child will enjoy the thrill of riding on a bike while you cruise at high speeds. This is before they start their own journey of riding on starter balance bikes designed for children, before mastering the art of riding on the best child bikes on the market.  There are two main types of child bike seats on the market: those that are mounted on the front and those that are installed on the rear. The front seats include those with minimal space for older children and the smaller seats for the younger children. By looking at the bike seat features, you will be able to choose the best product for your child. In this review, we are going to look at the top child bike seats on the market to determine based on the features, mounting systems and child age. However, it is important to note that if you intend to carry more than one child, it is important to consider buying cargo bikes and child bike trailers.

Bobike Go Maxi child bike seat

Bobike Go Maxi Rear Child Seat - Mantel

Source: Twowheelingtots.com

The Bobike Go Max is a Dutch brand with an array of rack and frame mounted rear seats to suit your needs and budget. In this case, we are looking at the go frame mounted child bike seat. The Bobike Go Max seat has a solid feel that ensures the stability of your child when seated on the bike. The seat offers additional support to your child’s head, elbows, and legs. The construction of the Bobike Go Max consists of a double wall to ensure maximum protection. To the downside, the thick shell of the Bobike Go Max does not leave space for one to fit a reflector on the bike.

However, it is important to note that the Bobike Go Max comes with a three point harness which is difficult to adjust so that the seat lies evenly on your child’s shoulders.  Also, you have to tighten and loosen the buckle each time you have to pass it over your passenger’s shoulders.  This happens even when they have no helmet on. Although fastening the buckle is easy, it gets tough when you want to release it. On the brighter side, it is important to note that the foot strap on the Bobike Go Max is the easiest to lock and release. This is unlike other types of bike seats that we have in the market.

The Bobike Go Max accommodates a child of under x years with a maximum weight of below 22kgs. But given that the seat comes with shoulder straps, it can accommodate most kids regardless of their weight. You will also find that the seat is easy to mount on the bike when compared to the other products that we have on the list.

In summary, the Bobike Go Maxis an entry level child bike seat that is both functional and comfortable for your child. And although the bike seat has little nuances here and there, you will find that the product retails at half the price of the other child bike seat products on the market.


  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to adjust foot straps
  • Solid construction
  • Long lasting


  • Awkward harness and buckle
  • Lacks high visibility features

Topeak baby seat II and rack

Buy Topeak Baby Seat II 26in Disc Rack Bicycle Baby Seat Online at Low  Prices in India - Amazon.in

Source: cyclingweekly.com

The Topeak baby seat II and rack is a Child seat for bikes that is of high quality construction. The Topeak baby seat II and rack also comes with its own rack and is a simple system to install and use right out of the box. The seat comes with a wraparound structure that supports the elbows, hips, and the head. This is different from other child bike seats on the market that leave your child a little more exposed. The harness comes with different shoulder heights to accommodate your growing child. This harness also makes repositioning your child easy.  You will also find that the foot hold is adjustable in 7 positions. You can do this using a large plastic clip.

The Topeak baby seat II and rack comes with a dual spring suspension that cushions your child against the roughness on the road. This feature is not available in other types of child bike seats on the market. This feature enables the child to be comfortable even when riding on a rough road.  The wraparound design is also very effective at protecting the child in a crash. Although this feature is not a guarantee for the child’s safety during a heavy crash, it will surely protect them from minor bumps and bruises. Tests have proven that the side protection does a better job than in other child bike seats on the market. There are 3 types of racks that come with the Topeak baby seat II, depending on the wheel size that has been installed on the bike. Also, the racks can be installed in bikes that come with disk brakes or not. The disks and racks are set separately and this makes future swaps possible.


  • Integrated side protection and rolling bar
  • Suspension system for the seat
  • Quick to mount and dismount
  • A rack is included
  • Adjustable straps and footsteps
  • Compatible with disk brakes
  • Suitable for use with different wheels


  • Lacks a recline adjustment option
  • The tree point harness can be hard to use
  • Requires a specific rack
  • Lacks a frame mounted option

Hamax siesta baby bike seat

Hamax: Siesta Child Seat (Rear) – LEFTFIELDBIKES

Source: cyclist.co.uk

The Hamax is one of the most popular baby bike seats on the market. This product comes in 6 different ranges that follow a simple construction with only the seat, buckle and straps.  Also, the seat comes with an armrest and a handle that acts as the support for the legs. The seat comes with a flat back. This seat is also good for visibility. However, it does not provide maximum protection when it comes to a crash. The Hamax Baby bike seat is designed for both comfort and snoozing around. The seat feels comfortable for your child even when you are negotiating tough terrain. You can adjust your recline to a position that they like. Most of the comfort on the Hamax siesta comes from the suspension on the mounting arms. And since the unit is designed to carry a child with a maximum weight of 15 kg, the spring may feel too strong for the child. Unfortunately, the strong spring may cause the Hamax siesta baby bike seat to feel unstable at times.

The siesta is one of the easiest child bike seats to fasten and adjust, which makes it a favorite of many child bike seat buyers. The siesta Bike seat kid uses a 3 point harness and two buckles which mean that you don’t have to pull it over your child’s head. The seat also comes with a helmet that is easy to put on your child.  And just like most other kid bike seats on the market, the maximum weight of the siesta is 22 kgs. However, users will notice that the siesta is more reclined than the other seats we have on this list. This means that kids have better nap support even on the road. The unit also comes with a better side support that is helpful when the child is sleeping.

In summary, the Hamax siesta offers a lot of support and comfort for your child as a result of the incline position and the suspension system. The good thing is that the strap and buckle on the Hamax siesta is the easiest to operate on all the child bike seats that we have on the list. It is however important to note that the construction of the suspension may make your child feel as if they are bouncing on the bike as they move along.


  • Easy strap adjustment
  • Numerous comfort features
  • Well padded for comfort
  • Well adjustable recline
  • Adjustable footrest and backrest


  • Does not come with side protection
  • The ride feels springy especially for older children

Shotgun Pro MTB Seat and Bars Combo

Shotgun Pro Child Bike Seat + Handlebars Combo – Kids Ride Shotgun EU

Source: babygearlab.com

The Shotgun Pro MTB Seat and Bars Combo is a bike seat for kids 2½ to 5 years. The design of the Shotgun Pro MTB Seat and Bars Combo follows a front mounting complete with a footrest and a handlebar.  This seat connects to your bike via the seat post and stem and this makes it easy to install on larger bikes. The good thing is that the connection features a spacer and quick release that makes it easy for the rider to remove and reattach the child seat. This becomes convenient since one can easily remove the child seat when they are not using it. Also doing this task is easy and tool free and thus, it makes it easy for one to use the unit.

When it comes to the Shotgun Pro MTB Seat and Bars Combo, the footrest and saddle are easily adjustable and this means that you can set the seat to a position that’s comfortable for your child.  This also gives you room to peddle the bike.


  • Great riding experience
  • Handlebar makes the child comfortable
  • Compatible with ebike with a carbon frame
  • Super stable on the bike


  • Compromised rider view
  • Passenger height limit
  • Pricey option

Factors to consider when purchasing a child bike seat

There are many factors to consider when buying a Toddler bike seat. Where you are looking for a simple construction or a child bike seat with all the bells and whistles of the child bike seat, you can easily find the right product on the market. Below, we will explore the factors that you need to consider when looking for Bicycle child seat accessories. They include:


You should go for a child bike seat with the features that will suit the age and body size of your child. The good thing is that child bike seats come with specifications on the age, weight and height of the child. This means that it will be easy for one to find the right product on the market.

Safety of the child

The safety of your child is of paramount importance when it comes to child bike seats on the market. This is because your child must be safe when riding on the bike. However, it is important to note that the safety of your child will be dependent on both the features of the child bike seat and the age of your child.

Type of mount

The other thing to consider when buying a child bike seat is the type of mount. This can be front, mid or rear mount. If you want to have a larger child bike seat however, you need to go for a rear mount. This is because it will give you a bigger space behind the rider.


Compatibility is also an issue to consider when buying a child bike seat. For example, a Bike with a seat on the back will give you more room; however, you need to consider whether the bike seat will work with the bike tube available. It is therefore important to read the instructions before buying a back or Front-mounted child bike seat.


Above, we have looked at the different child bike seats on the market. If you are looking for a beginner child bike seat, you can settle for the Bobike Go Maxi. The seat is high-quality and comfortable for your child. On the other hand, you have the alternative in the Hamax Siesta baby bike seat that comes at an attractive price point

However, the product that we feel gives you the maximum value is the Shotgun Pro MTB Seat and Bars Combo. The seat is high-quality, durable, secure and has a comfortable sitting position for your child.

However, before buying any other products above, consider the features, compatibility, safety, and the type of mount. When choosing a child bike seat the safety and comfort of your child comes first.

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